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Everybody loves a great massage. A World Class Massage. Our Tribe is Planet Massage.
Yacht Massage Training, wellness training and spa training with Planet Massage of Fort Lauderdale makes that possible! You can be the change to your world that you want to see with massage and bodywork training. As a crew member, how do you get this training on a schedule that will work for you? What Value will it REALLY add to your life and your professional career?

Planet Massage has got your back, and we understand boats!
Our amazing yacht massage training team is headed up by Mark Lohmann & Tanya Magney. Mark has crewed professionally since 1989. Tanya and her captain husband are still very active in the industry. From large to small, private to charter, brilliant to scary, we’ve pretty much seen and done it all.

Now, our passion is wellness.
Without health, nothing else truly matters. Just take a moment to read some of our client testimonials. We are proud and grateful to be we are Tripadvisors #1 ranked 5 star rated Fort Lauderdale spa & wellness facility. We’ve been awarded the Certificate of Excellence every year since 2014. Our commitment is based in our vision of you, and helping you to become the very finest YOU that you can be. We bring a through a holistic approach to health and wellness in this great & wacky world we call yachting.

Our basic yacht massage certifications start with a 20-30 hour private or semi private program.  You will learn advanced techniques that no regular schools teach therapists starting out.
Our Masters program is a comprehensive 100 hour massage program where we cover all the bases of a traditional full time, 800-1000 hour group program as applicable to the yachting industry. Expect to finish doign better work than 99% of pro’s currently in the market.  Financing is available.

Worldwide service and training is available or study with us at our Yacht Massage SailDowntown Fort Lauderdale Florida Urban Oasis training center is located just blocks from 17th street, crew houses and marinas. Our professionally licensed and nationally certified therapists are available for trips and charters as well if you are looking to bring on a fully trained, experienced therapist for a freelance or permanent position.

With over 25 years experience in the private and charter yacht service business, you can count on Planet Massage to provide you with professional training and therapists to offer the finest in massage, wellness and spa services on-board. We understand the unique needs, demands and mindset of our nautical friends.

Massage training offers a win/win solution for owners, guests, captain and crews. Having a certified massage therapist on-board has many benefits. As yachting professionals, we will work with you to ensure the right match training or therapists for your needs, your yacht and your budget. Planet Massage offers training in traditional massage therapy techniques with cutting edge protocols such as Active isolated Stretching (A.I.S.), yoga, breath-work and meditation to help you relax and better your health. Our programs cater to just about any need with customized training to get you up to speed fast in the best techniques. Special crew rejuvenation programs available to keep the crew healthy and at their finest as well!

Benefits to owners and guests:
Could you think of a nicer treat when you arrive at your yacht than to have a crew member available to help with those nagging aches and pains? Someone you trust and know personally. Someone available 24/7 to offer your guests the pampering of spa services in the privacy of your yacht, anywhere in the world? It’s a small price to pay to make life that much grander. Of all the reasons to own a yacht, aren’t convenience and pampering two of the most important? We all have aches, pains and tension, how about starting your next trip with a massage?

Benefits for Captains:
Who doesn’t like a happy, relaxed & stress free owner? Set your yacht apart from the rest of the fleet. If you are in the charter business, offering a massage & spa services could be exactly what it takes to set the yacht apart from the plethora of offerings out there. Many of our guests aren’t “boat people”, they could care less about the size of your engines as long as the boat keeps going and gets them safely from point A to B and beyond. Now offer the ladies a massage and a detoxifying or firming body wrap and you just catapulted your yacht into a whole new class of luxury. Lets face it, most yachts have great chefs. Enough booze to sink a ship and crew that keeps things sparkly clean. Having a “wellness officer” on-board can assist the guests and crew in staying healthy, strong, limber and ready to do their best. Those of us in the charter industry know that our gratuities come down to the very small things as well. It’s all about the experience, and we all know that we can never do enough to enhance that memorable experience.

Benefits for stews and crews: Set yourself apart.  Your next job could depend on it and yacht massage training can help. What a better way to stand out from the crowd than to be a certified yacht massage stewardess, mate or deckhand. A 5 minute shoulder massage could very well land you that next gig. Your ability to help keep the owners, guests, captain and crew happy and healthy will add greatly to your value and job security on the vessel. Earn extra cash and see crew tips skyrocket.

Learning massage gives you a very valuable and lucrative skill to use during your next “between jobs” phase as well. Down island with nothing to do and your bank account dwindling? Not a problem. Massage and bodywork is a set of skills to last a lifetime and potentially even one you can use for your “end game” when you inevitably seek a land job for whatever reason.

Take the next step: Contact Planet Massage to discuss your needs and schedule and we will be happy to customize a certification program for you anywhere in the world!

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While visiting Fort Lauderdale on your yacht…. make sure to visit our massage clinic and spa just off historic Las Olas Boulevard.

Worldwide service available with adequate notice.

From day trips to lifelong wellness solutions, Planet Massage is your answer to on board wellness!

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