Active Isolated Stretching

Experience Active Isolated Stretching ( A.I.S.) for pain relief, and a dramatic improvement in range of motion and quality of life. AIS is not massage, rather a stretching and strengthening therapy, often combines with other modalities and aftercare to help you continue on your path of wellness.

Medically, Active Isolated stretching has been know to help hundreds of different ailments. From back pain to neck pain and headaches, carpal tunnel to sciatica. Plantar Fasciitis, foot pain, even hammer toes and bunions can be helped. Amazingly, neurological disorders all respond positively to this wonderful therapy. Spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, Parkinson’s, Lou Gehrigs and dementia are a few to mention. Most sciatic pain is greatly reduced after just a few minutes even if it has been a problem for years.

Clinical director, Mark Lohmann states ” I have been practicing Active Isolated Stretching for over a decade and find that AIS is by far the single most effective modality that we have to offer. A.I.S. is perhaps the most amazing bodywork modality I have ever encountered, and works wonders when combined with other massage modalities”

AIS is different for a number of very specific reasons….
There is a science to the reasons WHY Active Isolated Stretching is so different, and WHY it works so much better than any other method of stretching out there. Lets take a look.

  1. First we identify and isolate the muscles in each particular stretch in your session. This ensures that you are in fact stretching the tissues that need stretched to benefit you the most. With over 40 moves for the hip/back and leg region and over 30 for the shoulders, The goal is to pinpointing your flexibility limitations to alleviate pain, and increase ROM and performance.
  2. We stretch that muscle actively. Muscles work in pairs through a process known as reciprocal inhibition. As one contracts another must relax. We always try to contract that “partner” muscle so that you are already sending the “relax” signal to the muscle we are stretching. A good example might be to stretch the hamstrings ( A common cause of low back pain) you will contract your quads.
  3. AIS is performed using short 2 second stretches, which yields far superior results to long holds. Your muscles fight the stretch when it goes longer than 3 seconds, so we avoid this and do repetitions for better results.

If your like most of us…
the first words out of your mouth may be ” Oh yeh….I stretch, or, I’ve done some yoga… or, I did that back when i was playing football in college. One we hear often is “I tried to stretch and I didn’t see results”.

You must ask, were you doing it properly or was the method I was trying the most likely to yield a positive outcome? Even if you or a yoga goddess, or your Doctor or Physical therapists gave you a few to do, they might still have not addressed everything you needed. Some muscles need to lengthen before we can get to deeper ones.

Active Isolated Stretching is best experienced…
though a series of sessions with a trained AIS specialist. While almost everyone notices change from your first visit, your therapist goal is to work with you to address problem areas specific to you, and teach proper form and techniques for self care and independence as your aches, pains and tightness vanishes or vastly improve.

Liston to what Aaron Mattes has to say about AIS

We offer Active Isolated Stretching classes, workshops and instruction… at our clinic and at your location throughout South Florida, Fort Lauderdale, Weston to Wilton Manors. Pompano to Hollywood, Miami and Hallandale beach. We will come to your office for groups of 2-200 for corporate wellness, team building and functional stretching. An easily leaned routine lasting only a few short minutes a day that can be performed at your desk or workstation can often eliminate fatigue, injuries, sore backs, shoulders and necks, carpal tunnel, and the lack of productivity and concentration that goes along with it.

Active Isolated Stretching is the work of Aaron Mattes of Sarasota, Fl who has been perfecting the technique for decades, helping
literally hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. (

Mark Lohmann and his team of therapists at Planet Massage have been trained by and studied with with Aaron for well over a decade while he continues to prefect the science of stretching along with a great team of doctors and healers. Our hearts all go out to him, for he is truly an amazing, caring man, with his techniques are clinically sound, revolutionary, highly effective and life changing.

Come see for yourself just how life changing being limber can be. AIS is a protocol designed to lengthen the muscle fibers and free your body from adhesion, which can result in a dramatic reduction in pain and new found freedom of movement. Results are usually seen from the first session and one can usually expect to see dramatic results after a series of visits with a qualified AIS therapist.

How can Active Isolated Stretching help me?

Relieves pain

95% of our clients report decreased pain, increased range of motion and improved posture. Prevent injuries: Active Isolated Stretching. Increases flexibility, mobility and health of muscles, tendons and ligaments, reducing the risk of muscle strain and tear.

Increase your mobility and flexibility

Active Isolated Stretching allows you to intensify your training. AIS protects you from pain, spasms and tension which will ultimately inhibit your movement

Sports Injury & performance

A.I.S. will greatly assist in keeping you pain free and performing your best. Sports specific stretching programs for golf, tennis, swimming, football, running and more.

Makes you feel lighter and look taller

as your body is limber, posture improved and muscles lengthened to their maximum extent.

Promote faster recovery

Active Isolated Stretching. Improves oxygenation and nutrition of the myofascial structures thus promoting growth and repair.

General health and beauty

Active Isolated Stretching supports lymph flow and drainage, while realigning collagen fibers promoting general health. Vibrant and young looking skin is the result of a well functioning waste lymphatic and waste elimination system.

Increase your blood circulation

Active Isolated Stretching. Stimulates the circulation and lymph drainage, which helps eliminate toxic wastes which can bog you down and lead to disease.

Prenatal Stretching & Yoga

AIS is GREAT for pregnancy. Prenatal stretching helps you along from the planning stages, on to post partum. Yoga style breath work is a key component. Prenatal stretching can help with many of the pains and discomforts associated with pregnancy and make delivery easier and recovery faster with less trauma to your tissues.

What to wear to your Active Isolated Stretching session: Please arrive in stretchy or baggy gym style clothes. Dress for the gym. ( Shorts) No skirts, dresses or short shorts please.

 For those of you outside Fort Lauderdale, Broward County or South Florida,  
To Search for a therapist in your hometown, first, consult the Aaron Mattes Stretching USA’s list of National/International therapists at If you don’t find someone to work with or have further questions, Planet Massage may be able to help, give us a ring, or contact Aaron Mattes directly through the contact info found on his website.

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