Experience Active Isolated Stretching ( A.I.S.)

For pain relief, and a dramatic improvement in range of motion and quality of life. AIS is not massage, rather a stretching and strengthening therapy. We often combine massage and other modalities as well as aftercare to help you continue on your path of wellness.

Clinical director, Mark Lohmann states ” I have been practicing Active Isolated Stretching for over a decade and AIS is by far one of the most effective modalities I practice. The results are profound and AIS is ranks as one of the most amazing bodywork modality I have ever encountered both personally and professionally.”

So…You think you stretch….
If your like most of us…the first words out of your mouth may be ” Oh yeh….I stretch, or, I’ve done some yoga, Pilates Etc…” or, “I did that back when i was playing football in college” or “I’m just not flexible” or “I’ve never been flexible” or the one we hear most often from our clients “I’ve tried to stretch and I didn’t see results”. There is probably a very good reason why you aren’t very flexible or didn’t get the results you had hoped for.

AIS is different for a number of very specific reasons. There is a science to the reasons WHY it is so different, and WHY it works so much better than any other method of stretching out there. For one, we isolate the muscles in an AIS session. There are over 40 moves for the hip region and over 30 for the shoulders. We do short 2 second stretches, which yields far superior results. Experience a session at Planet Massage today, and see for yourself what AIS can do for you!

Active Isolated Stretching is best experienced though a series of sessions with a trained AIS specialist. While almost everyone notices change from your first visit, your therapist goal is to work with you to address problem areas specific to you, and teach proper form and techniques for self care and independence as your aches, pains and tightness vanishes or vastly improve.

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Watch What Aaron Mattes, the Father of Active Isolated Stretching has to say

Active Isolated Stretching is the lifelong work of Aaron Mattes of Sarasota, Florida who has been perfecting the technique for decades, helping literally hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.( www.stretchingusa.com)

Mark Lohmann and his team of therapists at Planet Massage have been trained by and studied with with Aaron for well over a decade while he continues to prefect the science of stretching along with a great team of doctors and healers. Our hearts all go out to him, for he is truly an amazing, caring man, with his techniques are clinically sound, revolutionary, highly effective and life changing.

How can Active Isolated Stretching help me?

Relieves pain: 95% of our clients report decreased pain, increased range of motion and improved posture.

Prevent injuries: Active Isolated Stretching. Increases flexibility, mobility and health of muscles,tendons and ligaments, reducing the risk of muscle strain and tear.

Sports Injury & performance: A.I.S. will greatly assist in keeping you pain free and performing your best. Sports specific stretching programs for golf, tennis, running and more.

Promote faster recovery: Active Isolated Stretching. Improves oxygenation and nutrition of the myofascial structures promoting growth and repair.

Increase your blood circulation: Active Isolated Stretching. Stimulates the circulation and lymph drainage, which helps eliminate toxic wastes which can bog you down and lead to disease.

Increase your mobility and flexibility: Active Isolated Stretching allows you to intensify your training, protect you from pain, spasms and tension which will ultimately inhibit your movement Makes you feel lighter and look taller: as your body is limber, posture improved and muscles lengthened to their maximum extent.

General health and beauty: Active Isolated Stretching supports lymph flow and drainage, while real aligning collagen fibers promoting general health and vibrant young looking skin as a result.

Prenatal Stretching & Yoga: AIS is GREAT for pregnancy and helps you along from the planning stages, on to post partum. Yoga style breath work is a key component. What to wear to your Active Isolated Stretching session: Please arrive in stretchy or baggy gym style clothes. Dress for the gym. ( Shorts) No skirts, dresses or short shorts please.

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