The Massage Care Club

The Massage Care Club at Planet Massage offers monthly massage at a great value.

With no long contracts and no long term commitments it is a great way to help you battle the stresses and pains of everyday life. Regular massage care means you get more bang for your buck while you avoid the pain and costly complications that upset your quality of life.

Our featured plans include:

  1. Starter Level Basic Membership: $39 per month. Benefits include one 60 minute massage every other month or one 30 minute massage each month and extra massage time from $69 hour. More Information & to signup….
  2. Daily Delight Basic Membership –  Plans offer special rates of $69 per hour or $99 per 90 minute massage available with the therapists of the day from 10am-330pm. Advance booking requested. Choose Swedish or Deep. Upgrade available to peek times, advanced treatments and therapists. More Information & to signup….
  3. Anytime Flexible Membership: Plans offer special rates of $79 per hour or $99 for 90 minutes. Includes peek times, most therapists and some advanced treatments such as AIS stretching. More Information & to signup….
  4. VIP Gold Membership: Plans offer special rates of $79 per hour or $119 for 90 minutes. Includes all therapists & advanced treatments, subject to availability.  More Information & to signup….

With all of our plans, your benefits never expire and include perks such as time splitting, family sharing and gifting. Read more about the benefits and terms of membership here.*

Now is the time to begin a new healthy and stress free way with of life with ongoing wellness.

*Most plans require a minimum commitment of just 4 months, cancel at any time after that with 30 days notice in writing. See our member terms page for more information.

Please don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions, to schedule an appointment, or Contact Us by email here.

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