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If you are looking to add special BUZZ to an in house event, or a much larger trade show or convention Planet Massage will assure attendee satisfaction!

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During most conventions and trade shows, everyone commonly puts in long hours and long days. The results are usually sore bodies and fatigued minds.

So, ask yourself, why wouldn’t you want chair massage at your next event? Massage simply makes your guests, attendees and exhibitors feel better! We all know… “When We Feel Better, We Perform Better!”

The bottom line for our corporate, convention and meeting clients is that dollar for dollar, there is no better return on your investment. We challenge you to find a benefit that benefits everyone in such a cost effective way, with this high of a return on your investment. Read on….

Studies by the Touch Research Institute in Miami, Florida, in conjunction with U.M., Duke and Georgetown Universities, show that the benefits of chair massage have profoundly quick results. Immediately after massage sessions, the participants experienced a change in brain waves resulting in heightened alertness and better performance on math problems (completed in less time with fewer errors).

At the end of the five-week study period, subjects reported reduced job stress and elevated moods ( No surprise here). This was in addition to the usual benefits of massage,
relief of muscular tension, revitalized energy, and a stronger immune system and assisting in overall well-being. This translates into higher productivity, creativity, sales, and overall satisfaction. Massage leads to increased attendance, less sick days and decreased incidence in frequency and severity of accidents and injury. These benefits will undoubtedly have an affect on your bottom line. As an additional bonus, all of our corporate and meeting clients receive an automatic discount on services at our clinic and spa for their staff, employees or guests.

Planet Massage creates BUZZ around your event, product or service and keeps your clients interested, happy and of a positive, open mind. Clients remember you, as it creates
brand awareness and loyalty. Massage shows concern for the health and well-being, which builds goodwill. Massage will help make your event a more pleasant experience by recharging and refreshing your guests, attendees and exhibitors. The short massages clear attendees’ fatigued minds, making them more attentive and more receptive to business and educational programs.

There are any number of ways in which you can use our events services to your advantage.

1. On your Sponsorship Items list : A Massage Relaxation Station or active isolated stretching station is a great addition for your event and a great opportunity for added exposure for the Sponsor. Golf tournaments are very popular.
2. Rest Stops : Multiple affordable sponsorship opportunities. One massage chair in each Rest Stop, with each stop offered as a sponsorship opportunity. Can be placed in your booth, office, storefront, perk or exhibit halls & concourses
3. Lounges : Exhibitors and attendees usually put in long hours, massage is a great way to help them recharge.
4. Registration Area : Massage in the Registration Area helps with the stress and tension created from travel as well as long lines
4. Hospitality Suites – Relax and Refresh VIP Clients.
5. Parties or grand openings : Sales events, open houses
5. At your booth or event : increasing traffic.
6. Sporting events : Golf, tennis, and running sponsorships.

Planet Massage offers the following services and more…

  1. Chair Massage : Short upper body chair massages (Neck, shoulders, back, arms & hands)
  2. Electronic Foot Massage : Powerful automatic professional grade foot massagers. Always a big hit, no need to even remove your shoes, it works right through them. Powerful yet gentle relaxation helps rejuvenate tired feet, legs and into the torso.
  3. Reflexology/Foot Massages & Hand Massages are an excellent way to soothe tired sore feet and minds.
  4. Sports table massages, spot massage and & A.I.S. Stretching
  5. Surround sound music systems or headsets with soothing and relaxing tunes. Even scripted promotional messages if you so desire. Everything you need for a complete relaxation station including air conditioned tents, candles, bottled water, lighting, sign holders, easels, plants, trees and flowers.
  6. Complete Spa Parties : If you are looking for even more personal party, take a peek at our “Spa Party” page. Planet Massage can provide you with complete mobile spa solutions including manicures, pedicures, hair, nail, and makeup services.

What We Supply…

1. Licensed, Insured Massage Therapists dressed in polo shirts and tan pants, or tropical scrubs. Sponsor has option to supply massage therapists with different shirts or attire with sponsor’s company logo. Sponsor may request that therapists wear different attire such as black pants.

2. Portable massage chairs, disposable face cradle covers, aloe instant hand sanitizer; scented disinfectant wipes, small wastebaskets; small table for massage supplies. Recliner Lounge chairs for foot massages and sports massage tables are available when client has enough space.

Just how effective is chair massage at events?
According to psychologist Tiffany Field, director of the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami School of Medicine, “ anyone who needs to stay alert and focused should get a massage –quickly!”

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