Matthew Baker LMT

From The Owner of Planet Massage: Matthew is definitely one of our top therapists and highly requested. His pleasant calming personality, and firm to deep work keeps our clients coming back and asking for more. His skills speak for themselves and his advanced training shines though in every treatment.

What some of our clients have to say: “Matt was the BEST! Friendly, professional, and AMAZING massage therapist!” “We’ve had many massages but this was definitely one of the best. Matt and Ann-Marie took very good care of us and I’m sure we’ll be going back!” “This was my first massage ever and Mathew was terrific, patient and skilled. I will look forward to doing this again.. Thank you so much for a wonderful experience!” “Matt was amazing, if you want deep tissue, he is your man!!!”

From Matthew:
I was initially drawn to massage at the age of 4. My mother had ruptured discs in her low back while working. She took me to all of her doctor appointments and yet when she would get home her pain would quickly return. I made it my mission to understand how to help my mom. I watched and asked so many questions every time we were at an appointment. At home my mother would suffer periods of pain and I would try and help her by imitating her doctors and therapists.By the time I was 8 I knew all 206 bones of the body. By the time I was 12 I knew almost all of the 640 skeletal muscles. My mother does not experience the pain that she used to and that means the world to me. As Ive continued to grow as a practitioner I can proudly say that she is my inspiration has recovered much better than most.

In 2007 I became a Licensed Massage Therapist. I immediately began working in a clinical setting that allowed me to develop my massage by treating soft tissue injuries, specifically back and neck maladies. I spent 2 years learning clinical aspects of treatment and acquired certification in Active Release Techniques and Neuromuscular Specialization. From there I decided to go to college and pursue my degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion. While in college I received training for Active/Passive Stretching techniques and intensive Kineseology study. Specializing in Strength and Conditioning, I applied massage with exercise techniques to fully treat highly athletic individuals as well as those in pain.

My goal for every individual that I work is that they leave without the ailments that they came in with and to help each individual learn that they do have control over their bodies which is the greatest gift to be given.

Summary of pertinent experiences:
Bachelors of Science and Health Promotion FAU 2014 Florida Atlantic University Campus Recreation (Boca Raton, FL) 2009-2011 Clinic Manager- I was given the opportunity to create a massage clinic for the Campus Recreation Department. While I was there I created the treatment room from the ground up and implemented the training for the staff to follow to book clients. The clinic ran very well while I was apart of the program.

Johnston Chiropractic Health Center (Gainesville, FL) 2007-2009 I was a massage therapist as well as a staff manager. I worked very close with the owner to update treatments, client flow, new patients, and manage the staff. While working with JCHC they had their highest ever income because I helped implement a new paperless billing system.

MDA Camp Counselor (Lake Worth, FL) 2012 Counselor- I spent a week at overnight camp with the Muscular Dystrophy Association. I worked one on one with a camper where I was responsible for his schedule and well being. It was an amazing experience that made me grow with compassion as man.

Therapeutic Recreation (West Palm Beach, FL) 2013 Intern- For the fall of 2013 I spent my time helping the elderly with pool exercises. I managed a group of mentally challenged individuals for the leisure nights. I was a part of several adaptive sports events where I helped encourage, train, and develop programs for softball, basketball, and wheelchair rugby. I worked with others to create events and learn about Special Olympic athletes.

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