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Ivette C. Pinela LMT & Advanced Practitioner of Structural Integration Lic #MM18663

From The Owner:
Ivette is not only a dear friend but one of our most talented therapists. I have personally used her for massage and bodywork for over 20 years now. Her Structural Integration and Connective Tissue Massage work ( Similar to Rolfing®) is quite profound and continues to help people in more ways than they can imagine. Through following the teachings of Dr Ida Rolf, she brings about drastic change in a short period of time. Personally, after being told by 4 surgeons that the only answer was a full hip replacement, I trusted in her talents and am now pain free most of the time. Ivette’s positive attitude and infections laugh make her a joy to be around and make each day that much brighter. Ivette enjoys the highest re-booking rate of any of our therapists. I attribute this to not only her talents in working with the body, but in working with individuals perception of pain, their body, mindset and how each effects their daily life.

From Her Clients:
“I enjoyed a 90 minute deep tissue massage this past Tuesday. My therapist was Ivette. She was friendly, cordial, and really made me feel welcomed. Her massage techniques were unique and really therapeutic. This was hands down one of the best treatments I’ve ever had. I can’t wait to return to Planet Massage!” “Best massage I’ve ever had!” “For me, this may go down as the massage that all other massages are compared to.”

From Ivette Pinela:
Like many of the best massage therapists, my passion was born out of a need. In 1993 I suffered a serious work injury that put me in the hospital and left me unable to work for over a year. Doctors informed me I’d never lift more than 20 pounds, stand or sit for more than a few hours at a time among other limitations. I knew was time to seek out a alternative and I found it through massage and bodywork. I decided to use the time to enroll at American Massage Institute in 1994. This new found passion propelled me to a full recovery. Fast forward 8 years and my hands, wrists,neck, shoulder, basically my whole body was trashed. That’s when I discovered the work of Ida Rolf, Structural Integration and my mentor John Latz of the Structural Integration Institute. By assisting and teaching for over 7 years at the Institute I feel like I’ve found the missing link in wellness a tangible tool to help people regain youthful vigor.

I sum up much of the work I do with a quote from Ida Rolf. “Some individuals may perceive their loosing fight with gravity as a sharp pain in their back, others as the unflattering contour of their body, others as constant fatigue and yet others as an unrelentingly threatening environment. Those over 40 may call it old age. And yet all these signals may be pointing to a single problem. So prominent in their own structure, as well as others that it has been ignored. They are off balance. They are at war with Gravity.”

When I first meet with a client, they are often preoccupied with their symptoms as would be expected. I generally start by evaluating information contained in their intake form and conversation paying close attention to life experiences, surgeries, injuries and time elapsed since these events. Then it’s time to get on the table and start reversing some of these limiting conditions. Afterword, you’ll likely be amazed at the level of change and freedom in your body and notice greatly diminished pain. If you choose to book another session, we continue to dive deeper by unraveling old patterns from head to toe.

When I’m not at Planet Massage, you can usually find exploring the globe, at the beach, kayaking, paddle boarding. playing with doggies or working with Tony Robbins as part of his crew traveling around the world creating “FIREWALKERS”. My passion is to empower others to be and live the most outstanding and extraordinarily life possible through my reality TV show! Ask me about the Ivette Pinela show!

About Structural Integration, Connective Tissue Massage and Rolfing®
Structural Integration as practiced by Ivette Pinela and Rolfing was born from Dr. Ida Rolf’s theory that the cause of human dysfunction and discomfort, whether it be physical or emotional may lie in our internal connective tissue and fascia. Diving deeper, it revolves around the relationship your body has with the earth’s gravitational field, whether is be pleasant and flowing or restrictive and limiting. As humans, we have to deal with gravity daily. While people realize this force exists, most of us seem to think that they are immune to it. It’s just not something we often think about. Gravity’s constant effect on the body is to make it dense, fibrous and tough creating a state of imbalance. As we age, we often shrink in height, gradually lose flexibility and our range of motion slowly slips away. Our bones will remain the same length and typically our muscles will still function but the fascia or “connective tissue” will shrink and this is precisely what prevents our body functioning at its best. It is the cause of “knot’s” and pain. Structural Integration and Connective Tissue Massage are the best possible tools to reverse this process to allow you to regain your youthful energy and become more flexible as life goes on. Generally Structural Integration involves a series of 10 sessions to begin with, which starts the healing process of creating balance in your body from head to toe, while encouraging the powerful force of gravity your friend again.

Therapist Profile of Ivette Pinela LMT
This information was compiled by Ivette Pinela, the staff and clients of Ivette Pinela and Planet Massage. It is believed to be correct and is updated from time to time as Ivette continues her journey through life as a healer and adventurer. Ivette Pinela is available for booking most days of the week with advanced notice.

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