Hot Stone Massage

There’s something truly magical when it comes to hot stones and hot stone massage. We use only the finest basalt stones sourced from Mother nature. Our  natural warm river rocks were designed perfectly by Mother Nature over thousands of years.

A hot stone massage can be a very spiritual experience. Many people pick up on the natural magnetic energies from the natural volcanic basalt warm stones.  At Planet Massage we enhance the hot stone massage experience with essential oil aromatherapy and warm oils. This creates a truly blissful, relaxing, healing and customizable experience.

Relaxation with warm stones… is it more than just falling asleep?

While images almost always depict a warm stone massage as a relaxing treatment, with someone asleep covered in pretty rocks, that might not be your focus. Most great therapists use the stones more as tools. They help melt the muscles open with ease. It is an amazing sensation and works in perfect harmony with other massage modalities.   Typically the terms hot stone massage and warm stone massage are used interchangeably. Your therapist will work with you to ensure your comfort.

Additionally in a hot stone massage, the addition of the warm stones may allow your therapist to comfortably go in a little deeper if desired.  Soft tissues that have been “pre warmed”  are more receptive to more aggressive or deeper techniques. Throughout much of the warm stone treatment, the therapist will use traditional Swedish or deep Swedish stokes with the stones. A talented therapist will blend this with other techniques if desired. These may include deep tissue, trigger point, shiatsu, sports or other types of massage.

Whether you are looking to drift off and just melt away, or for a more therapeutic massage… it’s worth exploring a hot stone massage with Planet Massage today!  Call 954-763-1619 to book now or book online 24/7. As always, we offer a free consultation to help you find your perfect therapist/s or choose your massage, just give is a ring!

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