Classic Swedish Massage Therapy

Swedish Massage is the classic “Feel Good” relaxation massage. It’s one of the worlds best known massage styles and forms the basis for hundreds of other  massage types and styles. To understand why Planet Massage is a top choice for the worlds finest massage therapy, please take a moment to read our reviews on Tripadvisor.  Aside from being the top wellness facility & spa in Fort Lauderdale, we think you’ll be impressed with what our clients have to say! Our 99%+ satisfaction rate speaks for itself.

Swedish massage is very popular in Fort Lauderdale due to it’s relaxing therapeutic benefits. It’s a client favorite to relax and unwinds. Almost any massage that you receive is likely to contain at least some Swedish massage. This is true even if you are getting a deep tissue, trigger point or shiatsu massage with would generally be considered the opposite type of massage.

The long, relaxing strokes your therapist uses in between other techniques are often based on Swedish massage strokes.

Currently, Swedish Massage is the most commonly offered and best known type of massage therapy for relaxation and health benefits. While Swedish Massage tends to be on the lighter side when compared to deep tissue massage, it can also be very firm invigorating and therapeutic. It should not hurt.

Classic Swedish Massage was pioneered and developed by a Swedish physiologist, Henri Peter Ling residing at the University of Stockholm in 1812. The work focusing around a gently firm pressure intended to improve circulation, diminish muscle aches and ease all forms of tension. Swedish Massage can improve help to imporve flexibility and create deep relaxation.

Swedish Massage generally employs five to seven different key movements depending on who you ask. Then it can be broken down into much greater detail and many more specific and advanced movements:

  1. long, gliding strokes
  2. kneading of individual muscles
  3. friction
  4. hacking or tapping
  5. vibration or shaking

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Dressed down to your comfort level, Swedish Massage is generally performed with the client fully covered by a sheet or blanket in a technique therapist call “draping”. One part at a time, the body body is uncovered and massaged to address the full body or specific predetermined areas that need work. That area will then be recovered before moving on to another part of the body. Attention is paid to areas that need extra attention or areas which to avoid. It’s important to communicate your needs and wishes to your therapist. It’s also important for them to discuss their intent or treatment plan with you before beginning. Your Swedish Massage therapist will generally use massage cream or massage oil in a rhythmic dance of long, smooth strokes over the body. Benefits being numerous, Swedish Massage is the foundation for other types of Western massage, including sports, deep tissue, foot massage, medical massage and aromatherapy.

Discover The Benefits of Swedish Massage in Fort Lauderdale at Planet Massage

  1. Increased level of energy
  2. Maintains balance & homeostasis
  3. Improves mood and concentration
  4. Prevents injuries, loss of mobility and the long term problems associated with injury
  5. Cures and restores mobility to soft tissues and muscle tissues
  6. Boosts performance and promotes vitality
  7. Releases muscle tension and diminishes spasms
  8. Relieves tired, aching, overworked muscles
  9. Increases flexibility, strength and range of motion
  10. Reduces or eliminates chronic pain
  11. Non invasive, non surgical procedure
  12. Calms and retrains the nervous system

  1. Assists in lowering blood pressure while increasing blood circulation
  2. Part of a health program that supports weight loss & cellulite reduction
  3. Speeds recovery from injuries and illness. Lessens the likelihood of injury in the first place
  4. Stimulates and fortifies the immune system
  5. Reduces tension headaches and migraines
  6. Reduces mental stress and promotes improved concentration
  7. Aids in detoxification, waste removal and cleansing, leading to a wealth of health benefits
  8. Reduced discomfort as a result of vigorous exercise
  9. Improved posture and flexibility.
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