Sport Specific Massage For Performance, Rehab & Injury Prevention

Planet Massage offers some of the finest sports specific massage available today. We customize your treatment plan around your goals. Whether for golf performance, tennis performance, biking, running, swimming, rollerblading, football, soccer, baseball, gymnastics, kayaking, dancing, mountain climbing, sailing, even ping pong….if you enjoy a sport, Planet Massage can help you be better at it, win more, and avoid or eliminate many injuries.

Should you become injured, we can greatly assist in your recovery and get you back in the game, FAST.

Maybe you are just looking for a little more flexibility? Or you just want to increase your activity and live pain free? You may not be a marathon runner or triathlete, and that is fine. Our sports massage could be right for you. We all need some type of physical fitness and we can help you with your goals with a customized program.

Sports massage utilizes a fusion of advanced massage, stretching and bodywork techniques such as deep tissue and neuromuscular massage as well as Active Isolated Stretching ( A.I.S.).

Using our combination of world class modalities, we can often increase ones range of motion to 100%, even if you have a history of being less than flexible. Our massage therapists and personal trainers can assist you in developing a program to keep you at the top of your game.

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Imagine… how your golf game would improve if your swing was 40% more effective, with 50% more power, and less effort. I will guarantee this will trim more off your score than a new golf club.
Take tennis. A tight game can be decided by milliseconds on the tennis court. When you are running across the tennis court, hundreds of muscles are either working with each other….or maybe they aren’t? One of you will perform better… the question becomes which one?
Almost all of us that are active do SOME kind of stretching, but does it actually help your tennis or golf game? It is usually some mindless task, stretching the large generalized muscle groups, often under a load ( which is bad). Connective tissue is rarely addressed. We perform that we remember from high school or some running magazine we read a few years back. Very rarely does it have a purpose. AIS targets specific muscles to get very real results. The hip protocol has over 30 different stretches and there are over 20 for the shoulder region. Quite simply, that means we properly stretch that rotator muscle that is robbing you of flexibility and achieving the performance you desire. The harder you train, the more you need to stretch, it is that simple.

Watch Tiger woods on a golf course and you will see someone make it look effortless. That is the goal for a great sports massage plan. Our vast array of sports massage techniques help you prepare your mind as well. Massage helps you relax and focus on archiving your goal and mindset is paramount in rising to the top. Our massage, personal training and stretching techniques aid in removing toxins from your body, relieving pain and aiding in muscle development and recovery. A properly stretched, lengthened muscle is one than can receive proper nutrients, blood flow, hydration and oxygen.

When you are flexible, injuries are almost unheard of, and should you become injured, we can drastically reduce your down time and speed your recovery. Do you have old injuries that haunt you? Now is the time to take action and reverse the process.

It is never too early to start, nor to late to start.  If you are breathing, sports massage is probably right for you.  Children who play sports should learn to properly stretch from the very first day.  Children’s teams that have been taught Aaron Mattes AIS routine have virtually eliminated injuries from their sports programs. Their performance has soared as a result and they are doing better in school. From children to the elderly, there are extremely few people who could not benefit from our advanced techniques.

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