Medical Massage Therapy

Medical Massage Therapy is outcome-based massage. A trained talented massage therapist can often help with a plethora of aches, pains and health issues.  Sometimes referred to as orthopedic massage, the primary goal of medical massage is the application of advanced treatment techniques targeted to the specific problems you may be experiencing, or conditions you wish to avoid. Many of our clients even go on to cancel more invasive procedured like surguries when they become unnessesary. When available, your therapist will review the physician’s diagnosis, and treat according to your referring physicians prescription if you have one, although this is not nessesary.  We administer a thorough assessment & evaluation by one or more of our licensed medical massage therapists. Then during our consutation we stratigize to come up with a plan to best suit your goals.

Medical massage therapy incorporates a variety of massage therapies, keeping your specific goals in mind.

It is obvious to everyone in the massage profession that our work very successfully addresses a wide spectrum of emotional, physical, and physiological conditions related to trauma, disease, debilitation, and recovery. A growing number of health professionals are recognizing this as well. Physicians, surgeons and hospitals are increasingly calling on licensed massage therapists to make a huge difference in results,  recovery and over all satisfaction.

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Medical massage Therapy is part of what is known in the medical field as “Complimentary and Alternative medicine” or simply CAM. We can assist your doctor in your medical treatment. Additionally we can offer a more progressive, alternative health and wellness plan and play a larger more proactive part by working to keeping you well in the first place. We will work with your Doctors and other health care providers to help you achieve and maintain optimal health and happiness to the best of our abilities. Often times, physical therapy isn’t enough, or the pain remains after surgery. That is where we come in.

Medical massage sessions often include, Connective Tissue Massage, orthopedic massage, neuromuscular massage, Swedish massage, deep tissue , lymphatic drainage, and trigger point or shiatsu massage. Our therapists may incorporate other bodywork such as Structural Integration,  Active Isolated Stretching & strengthening, or even Egosue training.

Have any questions? Your clinical director Mark will be happy to assist and guide you in the right direction. Our team of medical massage therapists is available to help in any way possible. At Planet Massage, we strive to be a part of your complete and holistic medical care.

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