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Hi, I’m Mark, your host and lead therapist at Planet Massage. Welcome! 
Thanks for stopping by to check out our massage therapist profile page. Please reach out to me personally if I can help you decide on the right treatment or therapist for you. Just send me an email!   We are a family of hand picked caring, dedicated, passionate independent licensed therapists and body-workers.    Together, as a team of licensed massage therapists and body-workers we embrace the art of healing and are committed to a diverse knowledge of advanced modalities from around the world.  If you don’t see what your looking for, be sure to ask. We have many therapists who aren’t featured here yet.  Many bring additional talents that aren’t yet listed in their massage therapist profiles.  Check back often as we are constantly adding gifted folks to our family and updating the massage therapist profiles as their education and experience grows through the years.

  1. Ann Marie Oliver LMT
  2. Tracey Samples LMT
  3. Deborah Dejean LMT
  4. Holly Pinell LMT
  5. Judy Sun LMT
  6. Danielle Yancy LMT
  1. Shelly Heisler LMT
  2. Katie Fitzgerald LMT LE
  3. Jose Moralez LMT
  4. Gabby Pellatti LMT
Doctors, Medical Professionals, therapists ans teachers we recommend and work with regularly:
  1. Dr Bob Walsh
  2. Dr Howard Moscow
  3. Dr Adam Moscow
  4. Dr Aaron Applebaum
  5. Aaron Mattes: Stretching Guru
  6. John Latz Institute for Structural Integration (Rolfing)

LMT’s, looking for work? We are always looking for awesome people to partner up
with and join our outstanding family!

Note: Our massage therapist profiles are believed to be accurate. Information is compiled from biographical information gathered from the therapists, their resumes, client feedback and our own observations. It is believed to be accurate, however Planet Massage makes no claims or guarantee’s as to the accuracy of the massage therapist profiles pages. Our therapists are independent licensed massage therapists and we update this Massage therapist profiles page as time permits.

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