Mark Lohmann LMT Bio

Mark Lohmann, LMT, Clinic Director, Planet Massage, Fort Lauderdale Florida

A stretching, medical massage, flexibility and soft tissue corrective massage
specialist, Marks love of massage and bodywork came quite naturally to
him. Raised in South Florida a resident since
1969, some of his first childhood memories revealed a keen interest in health and wellness. Having seen family members struggle with serious, debilitating and often life threatening health issues, Mark dreamed of a better way he knew had to be out there.

Before finding what he considered to be his true calling, Mark went on to become a traveling yacht chef for many years, catering the worlds rich and famous while cruising the worlds oceans before entering the world of massage and wellness. this traveling and flexible schedule provided the perfect opportunity to learn from a broad population the benefits of massage, health, wellness and nutrition on a global scale. Along the way he discovered valuable clues to achieving “quality of life” and true health.

“Taking care of myself though massage, stretching and bodywork was essential to maintaining the long grueling hours spent on my feet for some 2 decades as a yacht chef. ” states Mark. “During this time, I was very lucky to have experienced some of the most amazing therapies and studied with masters of massage , bodywork gurus and wellness geniuses from the far corners of the world while traveling.”

There came a tipping point in 2003 when he was called home to care for his sick and ailing parents. With time on his hands and his yachting career on hold, it seemed the perfect time to indulge in some quality education and learn a new talent.

In 2003 Mark attended his first intensive Active Isolated Stretching ) A.I.S. ) course with Aaron Mattes, and In 2004 Mark graduated the Boca Beauty Academy’s massage program with honors. Since then Mark developed a passion for healing though flexibility, and has trained continuously with Aaron in Active Isolated Stretching techniques regularly though seminars and work at his Sarasota Florida clinic. In 2005 Planet Massage was founded. Oddly enough, Mark feels he sort of “fell into it” and it “just felt right” with no real intention of necessarily putting the training to use as a career path, after all, states Mark. I already had a successful career that I loved. But after one long week with Aaron and seeing the amazing healing taking place, the changed lives the miracles and many tears of joy, I was hooked forever.”

Marks style of therapy is very eclectic incorporating deep and neuromuscular massage for which he has a passion for, Active Isolated Stretching and corrective exercise, connective tissue and orthopedic medical massage as well as energetic and relaxation healing techniques, breath work and bodywork methods from around the globe. Prenatal massage and stretching , athletic and
sports massage as well as working with special populations and the elderly are all personal favorites.

Mr. Lohmann is a Florida licensed, nationally certified massage therapist. He is a member of the Fort Lauderdale Chamber of commerce and sits on the board of The Las Olas Association. Member of the Florida State Massage Therapy Association, Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals, and NCBTMB. Mark regularly donates his time and professional services to a number of charitable
organizations including The Heart Association, Junior Achievement, Gilda’s Club, Kids in distress, AJC children foundation, the Humane Society and the Fort Lauderdale Aids walk among others.

Mark was married to his beautiful wife Melinda in 2007 and shares their Fort Lauderdale home with their four rescued dogs, Bushido, Hannah, Jennie and our newest, Dutch. Mark and Melinda are currently indulging in food healing with a mostly living foods diet, focusing on incorporating raw living and healing foods into our diets. In his spare time, Mark enjoys the an eclectic world musical tastes, the worlds beaches, oceans, and mountains, hiking, biking, outdoor sports, rollerblading, all forms of water sports, diving, and is continuing his education in stretching, personal training, nutrition as well as medical and sports massage. Dreams are infused with sweet images of founding a healing oasis. A bed and breakfast health spa resort on a funky tropical island, somewhere this side of utopia.

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