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Whether your looking for a much appreciated, romantic, memorable experience or just a stress busting holiday….we’ve got you back!


Planet Massage has been helping our community heal and live a stress free life for over 12 years running!  Now is the time to give the gift of wellness and start someone’s year off right! A wellness package can go really long way to helping someone achieve their health and wellness goals in 2018!   Buy with confidence knowing Planet Massage has AMAZING reviews being Fort Lauderdale’s top spa and wellness facility as rated by Tripadvisor for 5 years running!

Instant Printable & E Gift Gift Certificates:

There’s no better way to give the gift of wellness and have a stress-less holiday yourself. Instantly print or email or send on a specific day. Customize One & Buy Now! Want us to print for you? Just call ahead at 954-763-1619 and you can pick up, or we will print and mail for you on premium papers.

Gift Card Specials:

Get one $25 gift card for each $100 spent! Purchase online and we will have your cards available for pickup, or optionally mail for you! Please call 954-763-1619 or email so we know where to send your free cards!

Holiday Specials:

Signature Candle Light Couples Massage:

Choose from two of our most popular Candlelight Couples Massages. Organic Orange Coconut Spice or Chocolate Vanilla Bean. Includes aromatherapy, eucalyptus hot pack treatment, Fire and Ice Foot Treatment. Gift bag with sample selection & gourmet chocolates. 60 Minutes: Regular $249 now $199 90 Minutes Regular $349 now $279 Instant Printable or Email Gift Certificate

Connective Body Massage Series:


Looking for something even more therapeutic? Give the gift of wellness with this amazing full body rejuvenation series performed by an advanced or Master therapist. 90 minute sessions are highly recommended.


Targeted Intensive Series: A good start to getting a problem area resolved. Sore neck? Tight Shoulders? Back pain? Sciatica? Foot Pain? Poor Posture? Let’s get a jump on getting it right!

Three 60 minute sessions $349 Regular $449

Three 90 minute sessions $499 Regular $675

Full Body Level One: Quite often, pain and posture issues show up far from the point of the actual cause. Thie series is designed to bring your body into structural harmony allowing you you move with grace and ease. We begin to move the body into a more balanced, optimum state. Recommended for everyone!

Ten 90 Minute Sessions: Regular $2250 Now $1799


Level One and Two: Taking things a level deeper to address the body at an even deeper level: Twenty 90 minute sessions Regular $4500 Now $3500


A Full Year of  Wellness: Including Connective Tissue Massage, AIS Stretching and Welleness Coaching in any combination

Weekly Sessions: 50 Hours $5950 ( Save $30 per hour)

Biweekly Sesssions: 25 hours $2975.00 ( Save $30 per hour)

Monthly Sessions: 12 @ 60 Minutes: $1428 12 @ 90 Minutes $2142.00 ( Save $30 per hour)

Call 954-763-1619 now for best service & up to the minute availability.

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Full Body Advanced: Six powerful sessions to release even deeper aches, pains, discomforts and patterns that don’t serve us well and lead to Dis-Ease. 60 minute package $599 90 minute package $899. Buy Now! Purchase Instant Gift Certificate

Spa Day Packages:

Signature Spa Day:

Organic Signature Aromatherapy Facial, 60 minute Aromatherapy Massage with Chocolate Sea Salt foot scrub: $297 Couple $597 Call 954-763-1619 now for best service & up to the minute availability. Buy Now! Purchase Instant Gift Certificate

Classic Organic Facial with 60 minute Custom Fusion Massage

 90 Min $167 Couple $339

Call 954-763-1619 now for best service & up to the minute availability.

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