Happy Foot Massage

At Planet Massage, Foot Massage takes on a whole new meaning.Our signature ‘Ultimate Foot Massage” begins with a 15 minute session on our ‘Chi Machine” which promotes a deep sense of relaxation, and promotes the flow of positive energy or “chi”. Kick off your shoes and drift away on one of our plush tempurpedic massage beds, and feel your feet, legs, hips and beyond relax as the stress lifts away.

Next, we wrap your feet in warm aromatherapy scented towels and apply our special healing European Foot balm.

Our therapists then apply a variety of foot massage techniques including reflexology, Swedish massage on the lower legs and specialized foot and leg stretching. It just might be the best foot massage ever!

Ionic Foot detox treatment follows if desired.

For more serious foot conditions, our Active Isolated Stretching (A.I.S.) may be the answer.

A.I.S. has been very successful in treating a number of foot related issues and foot injuries without surgery. It has helped people with people with bunions, corns, dropped arches, high arches flat feet, hammer toes, heal spurs, restless leg syndrome, abducted and adduced toes, shin splints, lower leg circulation and calf problems.

Traditional reflexology are also offered.

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