Candle lite Couples Massage

Bring on the bliss…..Share some quality time with someone special at Planet Massage of Fort Lauderdale. Our featured couples massage is one of our favorites and most requested at Planet Massage. Indulge with your spouse, partner, lover, family member, sister or best friend, it’s all up to you. With our two indoor couples rooms “Amore” and “Tranquility” as well as our outdoor “Bamboo Garden Gazebo Room” there are plenty of options at Planet Massage to fit just your style.

Planet Massage makes for the perfect venue for your couples massage. Quaint, private and relaxing as we dimly candle light the room for just the two of you.  You’ve reserved an entire spa suite for your exclusive use at our quaint therapist owned and operated spa.  Alternatively, leave the driving up to us, and let us arrange for mobile services in the comfort of your  home or yacht . How romantic is that!

Massage could just very well be the ultimate gift to give to your loved one on this Valentine’s Day or other special holiday. The benefits seem endless… relaxing and sensual, it allows you to connect with your mate at a much deeper level. A massage together paves the way for more pleasurable experiences as you relax, explore and unwind together.

From the moment you arrive, your senses explode as scents of our dreamy aromatherapy. Natural soy candles fill the air, and warm sounds of sensual music from the Mediterranean coast set a romantic and relaxing mood. Your massage begins with a choice of aromatherapy blends to deepen your experience, choose from blends such as relaxation, energy, tantric or stress relieving.

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Couples Candlelight Massages

Our very own Organic Warm Chocolate Peppermint Couples Massage! Can you think of anything better than a good massage? How about great chocolate AND a great couples massage. For a limited time, Planet Massage has teamed is up with Kilwins of Las Olas for an amazing chocolate couples massage special.

Our chocolate peppermint couples massage is just the answer for a unique stress relieving treat for a very special time of year.

Included is a warm chocolate peppermint oil massage customized to your liking. It can be relaxing, Swedish, Deep, sports, or just leave it up to our professionals! As always, enjoy our quaint Planet Massage warm cozy atmosphere with candlelight and soft music. Toasty hot packs melt away the tension in your back.

Long relaxing Swedish massage strokes help you drift away into a state of deep relaxation. Dream of nirvana as we bring the session to a blissful culmination with a vanilla cream hot towel rub. Included in the package is a gift bag are wood crafted massage tools, and a assortment of premium Kilwins Chocolates to bring the memories of that special feeling home with you.

Organic Coconut Mango Signature Couples Massage…. Tropical Organic couples massage featuring warm virgin coconut & mango scented oils, eucalyptus back compress and reflexology with warm towel rub, tea tree & peppermint foot sprints.

Ultimate Signature Couples Massage…
We reserve an the entire couples spa suite for you to bask in pleasure together. From the moment you arrive, you will drift away with the scent and glow of exotic soy candles & soft music. Choose from a relaxing Swedish style massage or therapeutic deep tissue, using our own special warm scented organic coconut oils. Expertly applied, warm organic oils are thee most luxurious warm sensation that you can imagine. A fire and ice foot treatment with reflexology is the perfect ending to pamper your tired toes. Afterword, our soy body candles are available for purchase to take that spa experience home and keep up the fun! Our handmade massage oil candles are skin safe and contain 100% natural soy, natural vitamin E and skin friendly aromatherapy fragrances.

The Works…
Our “Ultimate-Plus” treatment. We reserve an entire Spa suite for you to bask in pleasure together. From the moment you arrive, you will drift away with the scent and glow of exotic soy candles & soft music. Choose from a relaxing Swedish style or therapeutic deep tissue massage with one of our master therapists, using our own special warm scented soy body candles, reflexology, aromatherapy, ionic chi foot detox and a chi vitalization session. Continue the experience at home with a deluxe gift bag of candles and goodies.

Couples Candlelight Magic Massage….
The Planet Massage specialty, a couples massage blended to your liking. Under glowing candlelight and soft eclectic music, our talented therapists dig deep into their box of tricks to bring you a massage that blends classic massage techniques from around the world with the finest in cutting-edge therapies to customize a special treatment for your needs.

Our therapists may include neuromuscular massage, medical massage, reflexology, Thai massage, stretching, lomi lomi, energy work and other modalities to bring you a stellar massage experience. Perhaps you want to focus on a specific problem areas of the body or maybe you just want the stress to go away, not a problem! Enjoy, it’s your time.

Warm Stone Bliss Couples Massage…
Heavenly Warm Stone Couples Massage…. A house favorite and specialty. Warm stones and fragrant oils are used to gently melt the knots and stress away. Our Ultimate Warm Stone Massage includes aromatherapy, warm scented oils and a big dose of heavenly bliss.

The Cheetah….
Feeling a little adventurous? The Cheetah is a Planet Massage specialty for those of you looking for the ultimate in a customized romantic experience. We start with reserving the entire spa for your use and light some extra candles and prepare the tables with soft, yet animalistic cheetah sheets for your pleasure. We let you pick the music to suit YOUR liking. Tell us your favorite artist or style of music and we will customize a Pandora station for you, or, bring feel free to bring your Ipod and your own music. Your therapists will customize your massage, AND…work to the beat of your favorite type of music.

Enigma your thing? No problem. Bob Marley… Eric Clapton, The Cure, Fleetwood Mac, John Mayor, Luther Vandross, Stevie Wonder, Barry White, Marvin Gaye, “your” special song, the songs of your wedding…you name it. If it floats your boat, we play it and massage to the beat. A truly unique experience that will NEVER be repeated.

The Olympic….
Weekend warriors or Olympic superstars? This isn’t your wimpy couples massage! Your therapists and trainers at Planet Massage put together an amped, pumped massage customized with lots of deep connective tissue work, stretching and customized spot massage to sooth your tired muscles or get you ready for the next round. We lather on the Biofreeze, Tiger Balm and hot packs as needed and send you and your valentine off ready to rock on with a big deluxe bag of personal massagers Biofreeze pain relief gel, and some organic massage creme.

Couples Massage in the Comfort of your Home…
Enjoy our services in the privacy of your own home or mobile massage to your hotel. Be sure to book your couples massage early. Final pricing based on your location, services desired, time and therapist availability.

Couples Massage Workshops….What could be finer than learning the basics and some tricks of the trade to massage your Valentine?  Planet Massage is scheduling private and semi private group classes soon.  Gift certificates available at a special Valentines day price of $499 for a private workshop and $349 for semi-private with 2-3 couples.  Call for details.

Choose from 60 minutes, 90 minutes or a full two hours. Additional options & additions to your couples massage are available, such as reflexology, detoxifying ionic chi foot baths and even roses and chocolates.  We regularly partner with Las Olas restaurants to include a dinner package too; please inquire as to availability.

Last but not least, many of our couples spa treatments come with a very special gift bag full goodies. Our different packages often include things like our our scented soy body candles, spa music CD’s Biofreeze pain gel, Premium Chocolates, Herbal Teas, Bon Vital foot balm, as well as other assorted goodies so you can recreate a spa experience at home.

A couples massage is perfect for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s Day or just about any other day!

Should you desire any other services from our menu feel free to contact us and we will be happy to reserve your special day together.

If you are simply looking for a great massage without all the extras, our basic couples massage is a great value that is sure to please. Planet Massage services are available at our Fort Lauderdale Urban Oasis or with our Mobile in home service throughout greater Fort Lauderdale and South Florida.

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