Chair Massage & Express Treatments

Dial down tension a notch or two with an express chair massage.
Chair massage is one of the many express services we offer at Planet Massage.

Our express spa services are fully clothed treatments that can take as little as 10 minutes with no messy oil to worry about. Aside from your glowing refreshed look, No one will know you just had the best lunch EVER, unless you choose to brag.

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If you’ve experienced a chair massage before, you know just how good 10-20 minutes can feel. While chair massage often will focus on the neck and shoulder areas, the low back, arms, hands fingers and scalp are also quite popular.

With our state of the art massage chairs, it is possible to do a full body massage, without the needs for oils or disrobing. A express chair massage is an excellent way to relieve tightness before it turns into a full blown back spasm or kinked neck.

Add one or more of our express treatments to make up your perfect mini “spa day” at lunch, after work or whenever you have a few minutes. You can even bring lunch and enjoy some peaceful quiet time in our Bamboo garden gazebo, or on a luxurious recliner in our “Great Room”

Other Express Day Spa Treatments

Hand or foot reflexology

promotes wellness and pain relief thoughout the entire body through reflex points in the feet, hands and ears.

Ionic Foot Detoxification

Our Ionic foot detox machine helps cleanse the body leaving you refreshed, all in about 30 minutes

Foot Massage

Tired Toes. Work Shoes. Need we say more? Ahhhhhhh, now your ready to dance the night away.

Power Nap!

Enjoy a 10-30 minute power nap on one of our luxurious massage beds. We will wake you at the proper time with warm scented face towels and aromatherapy to put some pep back in your step!

Active Isolated Stretching

Shoulders and neck, or hips and back are all good for our beloved desk jockeys

Airbrush Spray Tanning.

Our fast drying solutions get you in and out in about 10 minutes with NO sticky residue. Leave for lunch, come back a bronzed Goddess, ready to dance the night away. A quick chair massage & face tan, maybe a foot rub or soak and you are ready for battle once again.

Foot Soaks and Salt Rubs

We offer aromatherapy and magnesium foot soaks to rejuvenate tired, swollen tootsies, detoxify and reduce swelling

Lunch at Planet Massage Urban Oasis.

Bring your own picnic basket and enjoy your lunch under the gazebo in our bamboo garden or in the tranquility of the great room. We offer a selection of hot teas and beverages.

Call us today to reserve your chair massage time at our Fort Lauderdale spa and urban oasis. Online booking may be available, but if you don’t find what you are looking for, or have a group interested in Express chair massage services, please call so we can help you.

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