Massage On The Beach

What can be better than a massage on the beach? We find that there are not too many things in this lifetime. Relax as the waves roll in and the warm sea breezes help you drift off into a state of total bliss. Ahhhh.

While visiting Fort Lauderdale, or anywhere in Florida, how about arranging for a massage on your own private beach. You pick the beach and our talented therapists will take care of the rest including setting up a table and bringing all the extras like warm oils, music and cold water. Often we can even set up a tent if you desire.

Imagine total relaxation as the warm ocean breezes help you drift away into a state of total relaxation and bliss. We offer service throughout Fort Lauderdale Beach, Haulover Beach, Hollywood Beach, Miami Beach, Deerfield Beach, Boca, Highland Beach, Pompano Beach and Palm Beach Counties.

Some of the services we offer beach side include:

  1. Relaxing Swedish or Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage
  2. Massage Stretching
  3. Tangerine Mango Salt Glows Followed by a Fresh Seawater Dip
  4. Water Massage
  5. Couples Massage
  6. Groups…. How about something special and memorable for your party or group! Make your next meeting a memorable one by taking it out of the office and into the warm sands!
  7. Tent set up to create your very own “Relaxation Station Shelter”
  8. iPod and Satellite Music Service with everything from Jimmy Buffet to Meditation Music to Bob Marley. We set the mood with awesome tunes tailored to your liking

Many of the specialty massages on our menu can be arranged at the beach, just ask!

Need help finding a beach?
No problem, let us help! We have a few we can recommend. Staying at a beachfront hotel? Not a problem, most
hotels will welcome our therapists onto their beach for the day to serve you. Many of our clients tell us how their massage on the beach was the highlight of their trip to Fort Lauderdale.

One of our favorite beaches is Dania Beach for a number of reasons. It’s scenic, and parking plentiful, making setup is easier, saving you money. You might even get lucky and get a tiki hut, but we can’t guarantee it, that would be up to you to get there early and secure it for the day. See photos below of the actual beach, and parking areas.

Pricing: The price varies by a number of factors. Those being the particular day and the amount of notice you give us, time of day, location, and difficulty of setup. We are limited only by your imagination and travel to beaches worldwide including the Bahamas and Caribbean by request.

Pricing for our premium beach side services at most greater Fort Lauderdale Beach locations start at around $150 for the first hour with a discount for additional time, plus any expenses such as parking. Additional hours are generally billed at $100 hour.

Pricing poolside at the Riverside hotel on the beautiful and historic New River where you can relax and watch the yachts go by, with or get a cold tropical drink from the bar start at $130 hour.

Pricing at Planet Massage Urban Oasis, outdoors in our Bamboo Garden under the gazebo starts at $100 hour.

Dania Beach is a nice option a really awesome beach which includes John Lloyd State Park where you can picnic, rent pavilions or hold really awesome corporate office functions as well. Complex or demanding setups, extras such as tents or locations beyond Fort Lauderdale will incur additional setup fees.

If you are staying at a Fort Lauderdale hotel, please realize that chances are, your hotel is probably NOT right on the beach, even if they are a “beach-side” hotel. Logistics may require that your therapist to haul the gear at least a couple of blocks from parking areas, which may add to the overall cost.

Please contact us for a quote and alternative outdoor massage ideas, as we have a few options! We have a beautiful gazebo and bamboo garden at our Planet Massage Urban Oasis in Fort Lauderdale, and also offer massage and daily pool packages at the Riverside hotel, located on historic Las Olas Boulevard directly overlooking the beautiful New River. Both are fantactic for a naturally relaxing couples massage too!

Contact us today to book your Florida Beach Massage appointment with Planet Massage and take the first step to the most relaxing day of your life!

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