spa gift certificateThere are many reasons to buy your wife or husband a gift certificate for spa treatments. The most common reasons to gift a spa day is to make him or her feel pampered, special and relaxed. However, there are a few reasons to gift a massage that you may not have thought about. Below are six uncommon reasons to buy your significant other a spa gift card or Instant Online Gift Certificate

6. Easy and Fast Online Customizable Printable Gift Cards

Our spa gift cards and spa gift certificates are perfect for the last minute shopper! Planet Massage’s state-of-the-art gift card system allows you to create a customized gift certificate in minutes. We offer multiple templates to fit every occasion, and you can type a special message that will appear on the gift card. Plus, we make it easy to choose a dollar amount or pick a specific day spa service such as a warm bamboo massage, couples massage, spa treatment or all three. You can even include gratuity on the gift certificate, so all your hubby or wife needs to do is relax.

5. Surprise!

Believe it or not, most people do not like to be surprised with a massage. Picture this, you are taking your wife out on a date. You booked a couples massage as a surprise. She spends two hours getting her hair, makeup and dress perfect for a night on the town. The first place you take her is the spa where she has to undress, get her hair messed, and rub off most of her makeup. She’s grateful for the massage, but she wouldn’t have spent two hours getting ready if she knew. The solution…a spa gift certificate! You get to surprise her with the gift card for a romantic couples massage, and she gets to truly enjoy the experience.

4. Improves Mood

We’re all familiar with the expression, “Happy wife, happy life.” Massage therapy increases endorphins and boosts serotonin, which are natural mood enhancers. Not to mention massage reduces physical and mental stress too. So, for your frazzled wife or over-worked husband, a gift certificate for massage can literally make them a happier person.

For a longer day of enjoyment, you can also add foot massage, reflexology, aromatherapy, AIS stretching or many other add on’s to the package. Can’t choose? Choose a dollar amount and let your spouse choose! You can even skip the drive with our mobile massage services or have us visit their office for a special treat.

3. Not Something People Purchase for Themselves

A day spa gift certificate is great for the man or woman who has everything. Even if they get regular massages, Planet Massage Fort Lauderdale offers gift cards for a wide variety of massage services and bodywork treatments including Connective Tissue Massage, Active Isolated Stretching, Rolfing, Structural Integration Massage, Swedish massage with aroma therapy, Foot detox and Reflexology and more.  You can simply specify a dollar amount on the gift certificate, and they can decide which of our day spa services they want the most.

2. Promotes Wellness

We all want our spouse to live a long and healthy life, and regular massage is an important part of long term health and wellness. Massage has many health benefits including, relief from chronic pain, increased muscle tone and flexibility, improved circulation, and lower heart rate and blood pressure just to name a few. You can give a gift certificate for a massage package, so your other half can get the benefit of regular body work. Or you can give a gift card for a specific massage service to fit their lifestyle, such as Active Isolated Stretching for the athlete or a Custom Fusion massage for Chi and energy balance.

1. Buy a Gift Certificate for a Couples Candlelight Massage and Share in the Experience

This is a win – win! You get to treat your husband or wife to the best couples massage in Fort Lauderdale, and you get to enjoy the benefits of massage therapy too. A couples massage is unique and romantic way to spend your next anniversary or date night. Not only does it make for a memorable evening, but you get to experience all of the benefits of massage therapy together.

No matter the reason, buying a spa gift certificate for your spouse shows just how much you care!