Fort Lauderdale Qigong

Join us for Qigong group classes in Fort Lauderdale. Planet Massage is hosting a series of group Qigong workshops and practice  Saturday 2/7 at 8:30 AM sharp and each first and third Saturday there after.  Qigong group classes  are taught by Ducarmel S. Desormeau, a master movement therapist and licensed massage therapist.

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Held outdoors under the canopy in our Bamboo garden our Qigong Group Classes in Fort Lauderdale provide you with the perfect place to connect to nature and bask in the cool breezes.  Explore and strengthen  your inner health through breathing, awareness and gentle movements.  The class is designed to be perfect for teenagers to the elderly. Beginners may easily follow and seasoned veterans of Qigong or Tia Chi will learn a new trick or two and benefit from the awesome group energy!

Unleashing your inner Qi!  So… what exactly is QiGong?  Qigong  is an ancient oriental  health care system that seamlessly blends physical postures, movement, breathing techniques as well as focused intention. The word Qigong (Chi Kung) actually consists of  two Chinese words. “Qi” which is pronounced “chee”.   Qi is most often translated to mean the life force or vital-energy.  This energy flows through everyone, and everything throughout the universe. The second word is “Gong” which is pronounced “gung”   Gung translates to an accomplishment, or a to skills that are cultivated through diligent practice.  Fused together, the term Qigong is simply cultivating energy.. or life force. Qigong is a powerful yet gentle system practiced for health maintenance, healing and super charging your vitality.

Ducarmel’s version of Qigong combines movement for an absolutely amazing experience.  Read more about his special techniques, training and the driving force behind the teacher.

Does spelling matter? No, not in this case.  Qigong is often spelled as chi kung, Qigong, Chi Kung, or Chi Gung, it’s all the same.

Your first class is free when you sign up to our email newsletter.  Hope to see you Saturday for our Qigong Group Classes in Fort Lauderdale!  Please tell your friends and
Please RSVP

Qigong group classes in Fort Lauderdale at Planet Massage! Empowering you to take your health, vitality and wellness into your own hands!