Experience Active Isolated Stretching with our free introductory stretching workshop January 21, 7 pm

“Freedom From Neck & Shoulder Stress With 60 Second Stretches” or “Stretching at Work”

Class size is VERY limited, please RSVP to insure your spot!

Use code “AISTRETCH” to recieve your first class free.*

Ninety percent of our clients at Planet Massage report neck pains, shoulder pains, upper back pains or stress in those areas. Long hours at the computer, repetitive motion, sitting, stress, texting, driving, talking on the phone as well as sporting activities such as running, biking or weightlifting all add to this tightness.

Lucky for you, the Winter Stretching Series is here to the rescue!

The goal of our “free the neck & shoulders” series is to teach you the principles that make Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) so effective, and teach you a simple 14 stretch routine that is easily broken down into simple stretches that can each be done independently, each in under a minute, virtually anywhere, with no special equipment. This often makes getting a set of one, or another an option to do while at work, sitting at your desk, waiting at a red light, standing in line, or virtually anywhere a breeze. Take contral of your neck, take control of your stress.

Join us on select Tuesday evenings at 7 PM to learn and practice proper stretching techniques.

All levels welcomed from beginners to world class flexibility gurus and your first class is FREE!.

Booking online is HIGHLY recommended as the semi-private class sells out quickly with a limited number of coveted spots available.

*First Class Free when booked online ( Use code AISTRETCH) (A credit card will be required, however you will only be charged if you “no show”or fail to cancel within 24 hours of the class.)

Client waiver required, please visit www.Planetmassage.info in advance.

$10 per class when booked online.

Walk in’s $20 as space permits.

Read more about Active Isolated Stretching….. Also known as A.I.S or A.I.S.M.M., Active Isolated Stretching is a powerful stretching program that offers pain relief, flexibility, improved posture, and a dramatic improvement in range of motion and quality of life. AIS is not massage, rather a stretching routine combined with personal training and aftercare to help you continue on your path of wellness. Active Isolated Stretching is BY FAR the most effective modality that we have to offer and A.I.S. is perhaps the most amazing bodywork modality we have ever encountered. If your like most of us…the first words out of your mouth are usually something like… Oh yeh….I stretch, or, I’ve done some yoga… or, I did that back when i was playing football in college, or I tried to stretch and I didn’t see results. Well, I am here to tell you that AIS is different. There are a number of very specific reasons WHY it is different, and WHY it works so much better than any other method of stretching out there. For one, we isolate the muscles in an AIS session. There are over 40 moves for the hip region and over 30 for the shoulders. Experience a session at Planet Massage today, and see for yourself what AIS can do for you! See our Full Services Menu here, or Contact Us to book an appointment today.

Active Isolated Stretching is the work of Aaron Mattes of Sarasota, Fl who has been perfecting the technique for decades, helping
literally hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. ( http://www.stretchingusa.com/) Planet Massage has a number of therapists personally trained by
Aaron, and our hats all go off to him. He is truly an amazing man and his techniques are clinically sound, revolutionary, highly effective and life changing.

Come see for yourself just how life changing being limber can be. AIS is a protocol designed to lengthen the muscle fibers and free your body from adhesions, which can result in a dramatic reduction in pain and new found freedom of movement. Results are usually seen from the first session and one can usually expect to see dramatic results after a series of visits with a qualified AIS therapist.

• How can Active Isolated Stretching help me?

Relieves pain: 95% of our clients report decreased pain, increased range of motion and improved posture.
Prevent injuries: Active Isolated Stretching. Increases flexibility, mobility and health of muscles, tendons and ligaments, reducing the risk of muscle strain and tear.
Sports Injury & performance: A.I.S. will greatly assist in keeping you pain free and performing your best. Sports specific stretching programs for golf, tennis, running and more.
Promote faster recovery: Active Isolated Stretching. Improves oxygenation and nutrition of the myofacial structures promoting growth and repair.
Increase your blood circulation: Active Isolated Stretching. Stimulates the circulation and lymph drainage, which helps eliminate toxic wastes which can bog you down and lead to disease.
Increase your mobility and flexibility: Active Isolated Stretching allows you to intensify your training, protect you from pain, spasms and tension which will ultimately inhibit your movement
Makes you feel lighter and look taller: as your body is limber, posture improved and muscles lengthened to their maximum extent.
General health and beauty: Active Isolated Stretching supports lymph flow and drainage, while real aligning collagen fibers promoting general health and vibrant young looking skin as a result.
To book an appointment: Please call 954.763.1619 or Contact Us.

What to wear to your Active Isolated Stretching session: Please arrive in stretchy or baggy gym style clothes. Dress for the gym. ( Shorts) No skirts, dresses or short shorts please.