Therapists & Professionals About Us

Note From The Clinical Director:

Hi, it’s Mark, clinical director and lead therapist at Planet Massage.  Welcome to our therapist bio page.  My mission has always  been to surround ourselves with the most caring, trained and talented professionals in the business.  We are comprised of a diverse group of health and wellness professionals with a well rounded assortment of specialties to address many common, chronic and devastating aches, pains and disorders.  Some of our therapists work primarily with soft tissue and muscular health, while others are stretching specialists, neck and shoulder specialists or talented at energy work and relaxation. Others work with rehabilitative exercise, nutrition coaching and personal training.  Some our licensed estheticians and skin care specialists.

  Each of our staff has been hand picked by me because they go the extra mile and are amazing at what they specialize in. We have a team of over 20 licensed therapists with an average of over 10 years of experience bringing with them specialties and techniques from around the globe.   We strive to be happy, drama free, bursting with positive energy, and put YOU first.  Guiding you to the treatments that will be most effective for you in a caring loving manor an offering wellness and health coaching as requested is an honor and privilege.  


So… on to the therapist Profiles!   Be sure to ask as most of them have lots of other talents and modalities that aren’t listed as well.  Check back often as we are constantly updating out list!


Mark Lohmann Lmt


Jolie Ivaldi LMT Coming Soon!


Marla Ladue LMT, Coming Soon!


Alan Thomas LMT, Coming Soon!


Matthew Baker LMT, Coming Soon! 


Shelly Heisler LMT Coming Soon!


Tanya Magney LMT Coming Soon!


Camille Marshal LMT Coming Soon!



Katie Fitzgerald LMT LE



Holly Pimmell LMT Coming Soon!


Crystal Hakes LMT Coming Soon! 


Erica Nieves LMT Coming Soon!


David Weiss LMT Coming Soon!


Donny Woods LMT Coming Soon! 


Ivette Pinellas LMT Coming Soon!


Marguerite Mize. LMT  Coming Soon!


James Muchowitz LMT Coming Soon!


Medical Professionals we recommend and work with regularly:


Dr Bob Walsh

Dr Howard Moscow

Dr Adam Moscow

Dr Aaron Applebaum

Aaron Mattes:  Stretching Guru. 



Massage, Bodywork and Stetching