Give The Gift Of Healing

Printable Instant Gift Guide

Planet Massage Offers Instant Printable Gift Certificates!  Perfect for giving the best gift of the holiday season, wellness!  What a stress less way to give something that is sure to be enjoyed.  Simply customize your card, then print it or email it directly to the recipient now or at the perfect scheduled time.  Check out our special offers below and order your instant gift certificate today!

  • Our very own Organic Chocolate & Peppermint Massage!  Can you think of anything better than a good massage?  How about great chocolate AND a great massage.  For a limited time, Planet Massage has teamed is up with Kilwins of Las Olas for an amazing chocolate massage special.  Our chocolate massage is just the answer for a unique stress relieving treat for a very special time of year. Included is a warm chocolate & peppermint candy cane oil  massage customized to your liking. As always, enjoy our warm cozy atmosphere with candlelight and soft music. Toasty hot packs melt away the tension in your back. Long relaxing Swedish massage strokes help you drift away into a state of deep relaxation. Dream of nirvana as we bring the session to a blissful culmination with a vanilla cream hot towel rub. Included in the package is a gift bag with a limited edition Planet Massage mug and a small box of premium chocolates  to bring the memories of that special feeling home with you.  Special Limited Time Offer: 60 minutes $89  90 Minutes $129 Available as a couples treatment for just $169 for 60 minutes or $299 for the full 90 minute treatment.   Instant Printable and Emailable Gift Certificates to Delight Someone Special!


  • 10% off Instant Online Gift Certificates:  Always the perfect gift, give the gift of wellness. Choose a service, or just a dollar amount of your choosing. From $20 to over $2000 we have the right gift or package for everyone.  Save 10% off any regular priced service or take advantage of some of our other offers on this page.


  • Hot Rock Massage: Heavenly Warm Stone Massage…. A house favorite and specialty. Warm stones and fragrant oils are used to gently melt the knots and stress away. Our Ultimate Warm Stone Massage includes aromatherapy and a gift bag of goodies to go! $89 for 60 minutes $129 for 90 minutes. Also available as couples treatment and Instant Printable Gift Certificate


  • Super Season Couples Special:  Candlelight, warm oils, soft sensual music and a great massage at an amazing price.  Only $159 for the hour or go for the deluxe hour and a half of bliss for $229  Includes massage and the option of including the Chi Machine at no additional cost!*


  • Targeted Pain and Stress Elimination Massage:  Enjoy a custom massage session with advanced massage techniques, toasty hot packs to relieve the stress and Biofreeze pain relief. Specially priced at $90 for the hour or $135 for 90 minutes.


  • Massage & Wellness Package Series!  Now is the perfect time to work on getting your game on with regards to long term health, happiness and vitality.  Terminate that pain and stress with a series of massages, stretching and bodywork to make a lifetime of difference.    We are offering a package of three one hour massages for the low price of $199.  Includes all therapies performed by Master therapists and or the clinical director the normally priced at up to $125 hour, a $375 value. *


  • Couples Massage Classes. For a limited time,  we are offering private couples massage instruction at a very special rate of $199 per 3 hour session.  Our couples massage 101 program consists of 1, 3 or 5 sessions to further your training.  Please email or call for info.  


  • Fall/Winter Massage Special, 75 minutes for $99   Want to experience the Planet Massage difference or have you?  We will offer you a free 15 minute upgrade to your custom fusion deluxe massage. That’s right a full 75 minutes for a special price of $99 for a customized massage.  Healing and deep or relaxing, it’s your choice. * Subject to therapist availability and room availability.  Advanced notice may be required.


  • First Time Customer…  From $39 for 30 minutes, 60 minutes  $79   75 minutes $99  90 minutes $119 * Note, subject to scheduling restrictions, therapist availability.*


  • Flexible customer special!     If your times are flexible, we can start at the “first time customer rates” and take an additional 10% or more off the discounted price, but only if your schedule is extremely open, flexible and with the therapist of the day, or of our choosing.  Please call for details.


  • Massage Care Club! Ongoing Wellness has never been easier. Monthly pricing from $59 per hour or save even more by purchasing a package in full. Often, when embarking on a wellness program, people benefit from a number of regular treatments over the first month or so, then taper off to once a month, biweekly or weekly.   Every “Body” deserves a free massage!


  • Free Massage Sweepstakes….. Like Us On Facebook!  Wellness news, insider massage tips and best of all FREE massage!  We offer monthly free massage sweepstakes!  It’s out 7th anniversary at Planet Massage and we are doing regular special offers to celebrate.  Go ahead, go to our page and “like” it straight away. You’ll find a warm welcome and a lot of sunny happy people there!


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